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Archive for June, 2009

June 29th, 2009

Update on KM Approaches Exercise

What an interesting experience it has been for me to participate in the discussion I referenced in my last posting! It started as a simple request for a distinguished group of knowledge management professionals, teachers and consultants to come up with a list of categories for the variety of activities people generally lump under the heading of “Knowledge Management.” It should have been a fairly straightforward exercise. We are now about two weeks into the task and it is falling apart. I’ve been thinking about why.

June 20th, 2009

Approaches to Knowledge Management

So how does one select the most appropriate techniques for a particular knowledge management situation? It starts with understanding all the tools available to use, and the approach or lens through which KM is being viewed. This working list is the first draft of a list that is moving to Wikipedia’s KM page, where anyone interested can participate in the attempt to refine it further.

June 16th, 2009

Is There Morality in MMOGs?

Most players in MMOGs probably wouldn’t think to include “morality” on a list of criteria for why they like a game or feel resonant with it, yet if the predominant game morality violates their own, it will feel uncomfortable and they will leave. MMOGs constantly challenge one’s morality. Game morality is a little muddy — just like real life. Even if a person is anonymous behind their keyboard, their true character still comes through in the choices they make in the game.


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